Maximize Customer Benefits Through:

Exclusive Deals, High-value Offers, Memorable Customer Experience

Tailored deals and offers make customers feel valued, while memorable experiences create lasting impressions, fostering customer loyalty, and driving repeat business.

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Our Array of Rewards & Benefits

Building Blocks for Customer Loyalty Programs


Sports & Fitness

Give your esteemed partners a gift of fitness, camaraderie & sportsmanship with enhanced access to global sporting facilities.
• Golf Games     • Basketball Coaching
• Football Coaching • Cricket Coaching
• Golf Coaching     • Sports experiences


Lifestyle & Wellness

Delight in knowing that your valued stakeholders’ wellbeing is nurtured, their leisure is exquisite, and their loyalty is unwavering.
• Spa   • Gym   • Clubs   • Meditation
• Yoga  • Nutrition


Travel Advantage

Elevating every journey into a premium travel experience for your valued stakeholders .
• Airport Transfers • Airport Lounge access
• Meet & Greet services • Airport & In-Flight Meals • Priority Check-in • Hotel Dining


Digital Rewards

Designed for the tech-savvy customer that’s always on-the-go
• Streaming Apps   • Shopping
• Online food & essential ordering
• Gaming Platform


Dining Delights

Global culinary experiences with a depth of local flavors, served with the dash of convenience.
• Curated Set Menu   • Digital Voucher
• Reservation • Regional Restaurant Chains


Healthcare Benefits

Experience the trifecta of care, comfort & convenience - Everything your customer needs is readily accessible
• Doctor On Call   • Ambulance 24x7
•Senior Care   • Pathology • Pharmacy

Our Products & Platforms

A one-stop solution catering to the diverse needs of partners across the globe.

SURGE: Earn & Burn Rewards Platform

Designed for you to curate a comprehensive reward program for your customers through which they can earn,  redeem and track their rewards.

• Multiple integration mechanisms 

• Comprehensive Redemption Catalog 

• Personalized & Multi-tiered Rewards

Plug & Play: API Loyalty Engine 

Helps you build a robust ecosystem of loyalty rewards with swift and seamless tech integrations that make your offerings a whole lot simpler.

• Quick Integration 

• Embed into existing app/platform

• Instant Rewards & Gratification 

Enterprise Loyalty Management Suite

One Loyalty engine for multiple & complex structures. Cater to all stakeholders i.e. customers, employees & channel partners 

• Multiple reward journeys & catalogs

• Single Admin Control

• Robust analytics & reporting 

Thriwe Premier Perks Membership 

A unique membership program that provides exclusive digital content, diverse content catalogs, and customized benefits that elevate your entertainment and lifestyle experience.

• Premium Subscriptions & offers

• Customisable Co-brand

Why Choose us?


Think Glocal

Customized, localized solutions with global outreach. With expansive and multi-geography benefits and rewards offering, we make sure your program is designed in a way that you’re always close to your customer. 

Quick and Easy Redemptions

Redemptions don’t have to be complicated.  We enable multiple easy ways of redemption via gift cards, vouchers, reward points, white labled platform, mobile app, membership or through the convenience of concierge services.  

Tech-first Loyalty Solutions

Our flexible tech solutions allow you to choose from modular components to the entire suite, with extensive customization options. Whatever your vision, we deliver it on your timeline, tailored to your convenience. 

Bounty of Benefits. Extraordinary Offers

The most diverse bouquet of loyalty benefits that can be stitched together to give you a world of options to choose from, ensuring that your loyalty programs are fresh, unique, personalized and impactful.   

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