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Take digital entertainment to a whole new level as you explore our array of digital services. Get access to the best streaming platforms at unbeatable prices. Educate yourself with online teaching. Subscribe to online lifestyle services and get special benefits like free deliveries and special goodies! 


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Want to explore the latest and the best of original shows? Our Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions let you do just that. With thousands of titles and an excellent collection of online original content, you’ll never get bored.

Opt in for our online education courses and tread on the path of enlightenment with MOOC courses specialized for you and your teammates.

Our tie-ups with e-commerce platforms like BigBasket ensures you get the best of both worlds at the tap of a button. Exclusive tie-ups to shopping platforms enable you to avail hearty discounts on the things you love to shop for. Access to gift cars from all major online retailers gives you the opportunity to splurge guilt free.



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