Thriwe manifesto

When it comes to giving our clients the best, we turn into data-driven sharks. With every new step, we give it our full potential and then some. If it can be curated, we’ll do it. And we’ll do it just as per your requirements.

Deliver services
beyond exclusive

Driven by data and sound technology. Whether it’s golf, a spa day or gourmet dining, we deliver to our clients a service beyond exclusive.

With partnerships spanning 4000 golf courses across 24 countries, we lead the way in POS technology and end user experiences. It’s not just us; our analytics have helped pave the way to a better experience for everyone.

At the heart of our

Is the Data Analytics system we have honed and mastered over the years.

We've studied our audience throughout the years to add to our offerings. All our datasets have gone towards creating the perfect analytical solutions to provide end users with the perfect, preferred consumer benefits programs.

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Transparency is key!

Keeping true to our transparency policy, we provide not just standard reporting but meaningful data visualization helping glean insights that propel us further:

  • Reporting factual, data driven preferences and behaviours of HNI and affluent segments along with predicting the future trends.
  • Intelligent segmentation and classification helps us deliver personalization and customization to all your clients and customers.
  • Incremental and quantum leaps is our service and offering whenever and wherever it becomes viable.
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Planning engagement offerings

Conquering Possibilities

Curating out of the box solutions to delight your high valued customers. With rapid technology outbreaks, consumers expect big changes as regular occurrences.

Customer Insights

We thrive to gauge into the deepest root of customer demographics and geographies to assist you captivate the king of the business ecosystem. Basis our years of consumer HNI usage patterns, we help you find a sweet spot between high value & low-cost offerings.

The Winning Piece

We consciously strategize & curate solutions to make you fit the right piece of offering for your end consumer to make your offers stand out in the crowded market of offers.

Engagement that influences

We empower your customers with unique offerings and turn them into the influencers and spokesperson for you.

Engaging with the ecosystem

We have a large global ecosystem that endeavors to delights the customer and ensure regular interactions.

Ensuring seamless journey

With round the clock customer service, robust tech support, we ensure a seamless customer journey.