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We help businesses in retaining and engaging high ticket clients through our curated Rewards and Benefits program, includes Golf tee time, Concierge services, Premium lounge pass, Lifestyle brand deals & more.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships Customers Concierge Loyalty Program


A concierge loyalty program is a rewards program designed to incentivize and recognize loyal customers who frequently utilize the services of a concierge. It is a way for establishments, such as hotels or residential buildings, to express appreciation to their valued guests or residents and encourage continued patronage.

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Understand Concierge

‘Concierge’ typically refers to a person or a service that provides assistance and support to individuals, usually in a hotel or a high-end residential building. A concierge acts as a personal assistant, helping guests or residents with various tasks and requests to enhance their overall experience and make their lives more convenient.

The role of a concierge can vary depending on the setting and context, but here are some common responsibilities:

Guest Services

In a hotel, a concierge assists guests with check-in and check-out procedures, helps them with luggage, provides information about the hotel’s facilities and services, arranges transportation, and offers recommendations for dining, entertainment, and local attractions.

Reservations and Bookings

A concierge may assist guests or residents with making reservations for restaurants, theaters, concerts, or other events. They can also help with booking transportation, such as flights, trains, or rental cars.

Personal Assistance

Concierges often act as personal assistants, handling various tasks like arranging appointments, scheduling spa treatments, organizing laundry or dry cleaning services, and even shopping for groceries or gifts on behalf of guests or residents.

Information and Recommendations

Concierges are knowledgeable about the local area and can provide information about nearby attractions, tourist spots, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. They offer recommendations tailored to the guests’ or residents’ preferences and can help with directions or maps.

Problem Solving

If guests or residents encounter any issues or have special requests, a concierge is there to assist. Whether it’s a lost item, a restaurant reservation problem, or a need for additional amenities, the concierge acts as a problem solver, finding solutions and ensuring the guests’ or residents’ satisfaction.

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