Boost Customer Engagement and Retention with our Loyalty Points System

Increase your ability to retain customers by rewarding them for specific activities, behaviours and interactions.

Understand, What is Loyalty Points System

A loyalty program involves the creation of a personalized currency that can be accumulated and redeemed by customers at a business. An instance of this is the frequent flyer miles program employed by numerous airlines, where clients earn one point for every mile flown and can use them to avail discounts on their future flights. This approach offers several benefits.

    • Loyalty points programs are flexible and allow for incentivizing a variety of behaviors & milestones
    • The value of loyalty points should be carefully considered to avoid appearing exploitative
    • Loyalty points programs are easy to track and analyze

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Benefits of Having Loyalty Points System

Incentivizes Customer Loyalty

Offering rewards for repeat purchases or other desired behaviors to motivate customers to continue doing business with the company.

Increases Customer Retention Rates

Encouraging customers to continue doing business with the company to earn more points, leading to a higher rate of customer retention.

Promotes Customer Engagement

Creating a gamification element where customers feel rewarded for their actions, thereby increasing customer engagement.

Customer Data and Insight


Gathers Customer Data

Collecting valuable customer data as customers sign up for the loyalty program, providing information for targeted marketing campaigns.

Provides Insight into Customer Behavior

Tracking and analyzing customer activities and point redemptions to gain insights into customer behavior, allowing for the improvement of the loyalty program and overall customer experience.

About Thriwe

Thriwe is a technology-driven b2b Benefits as a Platform company catering to both India and International Markets. Founded in the year 2011 with headquarters in India and offices across UAE, Singapore, London & Florida; Thriwe provides an ecosystem that delivers premium Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Allegiance services to the world’s leading Financial Institutions, Card Networks, Consumer Durables, Hospitality, Automobiles, so on and so forth.

We run India’s largest tech-enabled “benefits as a platform” ecosystem. With over 1,00,000+ partner associations and service delivery presence in 130 countries worldwide, we empower clients to invigorate engagement with their most valuable customers.

Some of our trusted partners are Amex, Mastercard, VISA, HSBC, Standard Chartered, HDFC, Axis Bank, Mashreq Bank, Union Pay, UOB, DBS, and LG Consumer Goods.

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