Delight your customers with Personalize Rewards & Benefits

What We Do?

Thriwe is a company that specializes in creating loyalty solutions for various industries, such as lifestyle & wellness, digital experiences, travel, and dining. We focus on providing personalize rewards and benefits platforms with a strategic approach to innovation, and have worked with global leaders in these sectors.

How we do it?

As a company that provides loyalty solutions, we understand the importance of tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients. We achieve this by utilizing Business Intelligence and superior Data Analytics. This allows us to gather relevant data and analyze it to identify patterns and trends. With this information, we can then create personalized loyalty programs and rewards that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each client. This ensures that our solutions are effective, efficient, and targeted towards the right audience.

Why Choose Us?

Data Driven Approach

We have used the vast amount of data we possess to create a Consumer Benefits Marketplace, which allows us to understand how people currently use our services and predict future trends. This enables us to stay relevant to our clients and stakeholders.

Our Expertise

Our team is made up of skilled professionals who excel in various industries, and they are highly motivated.

Our Transparency Policy

As part of our commitment to transparency, we offer data visualization that provides valuable insights, which helps us to make further progress.

Platform to Redeem the Rewards

White Labeled Microsite

It  is a personalized website that is made exclusively for a loyalty program, providing customers with all the necessary information about earning and using rewards. The site’s appearance and branding will be tailored to the company’s preferences.

App Redemption Platform

An app redemption platform is an application that can be downloaded to customers’ smartphones. Through this app, customers can earn and use rewards, keep track of their loyalty program activity, and receive notifications about new rewards and promotions.

Card Swipe Redemption

It is a common loyalty program redemption system used in retail and hospitality industries. Customers can use their loyalty card to redeem their points by swiping it when making purchases.

Messaging App and Chatbots

Messaging apps and chatbots allow customers to earn and use rewards through the messaging app and receive notifications about new rewards and promotions. The platform can also be used for customer support and to answer any questions customers may have about the loyalty program.

Our Rewards & Benefits Portfolio

Golf & Sports

Reward your customers with healthy and sporty lifestyles with our exclusive sports services and benefits. Exciting coaching benefits and services for all your sporty customers.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Lifestyle that your affluent customers look for. For the ones that want to seek a life beyond the mundane and the morose.

Travel Ambit

A world class travel experience. Let your customers have a seamless travel experience with with 1200+ lounges and 2000+ Touchpoints in 130 countries.

Digital Benefits

Let your customers enjoy the best of the digital experiences at the comfort of their homes. Digitization is a driving force that by any means can not stop or control.

Dining Benefits

Let your customers make delectable memories with an exceptional dining experience exclusively with Thriwe. Curating dining experiences that offer unique culinary delights!

Bespoke Services

A service for you, designed your way. Want to take things into your own hands? Just ask! Reach out to us, and we’ll design the best bespoke services package that your customer will value the most.