LG OLED Circle

One of LG’s top-selling products is the OLED television which offers a premium high-definition experience to all its customers.


To establish an ecosystem, LG created a community of OLED enthusiasts called the OLED circle. LG wanted to expand this circle by adding new members who purchase their OLED products and retaining the existing ones to achieve brand loyalty.


With our extensive market research and strategies, we curated exciting lifestyle and healthcare benefits exclusively for LG’s OLED circle members, hence making it an elite group of individuals who prioritize premium quality over indefinite quantity.

Under this exclusive partnership, LG issued a unique membership id to its buyers. The buyer or the customer downloads the Thriwe app (available on android & IOS) and can quickly redeem the benefits by entering their respective membership id.


So far, Thriwe has successfully issued 7,00,000 memberships to LG and has set a benchmark for delighting customers with exciting rewards and benefits programs.