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Thriwe prides on being Customer Benefits Advisor and Strategist that propel our clients to achieve higher satisfaction rate through our proprietary CARE way. With partnerships across the spectrum of service providers and a sound technology platform, we are able to create and curate Customer Benefits Programs that are tailored to specific needs. Here are a few case studies where we helped solve a specific problem of our client, in turn adding value to their customers.

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WeLive Program

Airdine Benefits


AirDine Program

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An Exclusive Wellness Program


Global Payment Technology Company looking for
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The WeLive Program

COVID a complete rejig of strategy and offerings to customers of digital payment cards by banks. Thriwe created a bouquet of benefits that could be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of home. Read to know more.

COVID rendered redundant many of the service offerings of digital payment cards. Although huge cost savings were accrued owing to lesser spend on lounge access, golf among others, an alternative engagement was sorely missing. 

Thriwe reimagined the benefits program, tailoring it to a stay at home scenario with more digital offerings, virtual experiences and door-step services. Some of the sectors we targeted were Entertainment, Health, Grocery, Food Delivery, Shopping & Fitness.

We partnered with brands from each sector creating a Customer Benefits Marketplace.

With effective communication on the new benefits going out to the existing customers, cardholders instead of opting to cancel the memberships that they were paying for with no benefits and on the verge of cancellations, turned into loyal customers. We were able to not just achieve retention but even acquisition was bolstered in many cases.


Airdine Program with World’s largest
banking & financial services organization

Banks and Financial Services are always on the lookout for a differentiator when it comes to pampering their premium or HNI clients. Thriwe helped with a very particular and true value addition, well received and appreciated by their customers.

Most cardholders get lounge access at all major airports and this bank wanted to differentiate itself from the rest by offering something more.

Airports today are morphing into experiential spaces with SPAs and high end restaurants among others. Thriwe Customer Benefits Marketplace consists of these establishments as partners. We put together a digital voucher which the customer can redeem and present at an outlet of her/his choice to indulge in without being limited by the offerings of the lounge alone. This was extended to the well-heeled HNI clientele who spend considerably on their premium cards.

Banks, our partners and of course, the customers all benefited from this arrangement with value addition and creation everywhere. Even the non-premier cardholders were provided with 2 complimentary lounge or airport dining access across India motivating them to sign onto the premium card offering. CARE just added a new dimension with not just Customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement but also Upgradation/ Upselling to existing customers.


Curation of Wellness Program exclusively for India’s largest private sector bank by assets

Digital payments and digital transactions are here to stay. All major bankers have boarded the bandwagon with customers signing onto to more than one such service. Thriwe helped increase transactions so that the services of this bank was the go-to place for digital transactions.

The bank approached us looking for a customer benefits offering that could amplify their digital transactions.

Thriwe in consultation with the bank, examining their customer base, demography, aspiration, need among other factors zeroed in on health and wellness segment as the proper channel to provide meaningful and appealing benefits.

Thriwe’s proliferated Customer Benefits Marketplace had all the necessary partnerships in place to create a program quickly. offered complimentary access to around 350 facilities across India for gym, spa, yoga, functional training & pathology with trusted brands to its premium cardholders. The card members could also avail a flat 30% at any of the partner brands.

Their cardholders could avail the following benefits in a Quarter:
1 Spa benefit
6 Gym sessions
3 Yoga lessons
1 health Checkup 

The bank saw a quantum jump in the digital transaction space with higher loyalty and engagement by the existing customer base.