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Customer Loyalty

Retention & Engagement Made Easy

Our customer loyalty program is designed to build long-term relationships with your customers. By rewarding them for their loyalty, you can increase customer retention, enhance brand loyalty, and drive repeat business. Our program is customizable to fit your business needs, allowing you to offer a variety of rewards and benefits such as airport lounge access, complementary Golf Tee Time, Digital Vouchers, exceptional Dining Experience, Health Benefits and many more.

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Employee Rewards & Recognition

Create a Culture of Appreciation

Employee satisfaction is crucial for the growth and success of any organization. When employees are motivated and engaged, they are more likely to be productive and committed to their work. Employee rewards and Recognition programs are an effective way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. We offer personalized employee incentive programs with an online platform to redeem the rewards and benefits.

Loyalty Platform to Redeem the Rewards & Benefits

We provide both online and offline platforms so customers can easily redeem these rewards.

White Labeled Microsite

It is a customized website created specifically for the loyalty program, providing customers with all necessary information on how to earn and redeem rewards. The microsite will be designed and branded to the company’s preferences.

App Redemption Platform

It allows customers to download an application to their smartphones. Through the app, customers can earn and redeem rewards, track their loyalty program activity, and receive notifications on new rewards and promotions.

Card Swipe Redemption

This type of redemption system is popular in retail and hospitality industries. Customers burn loyalty points by swiping their loyalty card when making purchases. Get your customer to purchase more through credit and debit cards

Messaging App and Chatbots

Customers can earn and redeem rewards through the messaging app and receive notifications about new rewards and promotions. The platform can also be used to provide customer support and answer any questions of customers

Our Rewards and Benefits Portfolio

Category you can choose to builder loyalty program for your customers


Golf & Sports

Reward your customers with healthy and sporty lifestyles with our sports services like Coaching, Golf tee time and more


Lifestyle & Wellness

Lifestyle that your affluent customers look for. For the ones that want to seek a life beyond the mundane and the morose.


Travel Ambit

Let your customers have a seamless & world class travel experience with 1200+ lounges & 2000+ touchpoints in 130 countries.


Digital Benefits

Let your customers enjoy the best of the digital experiences at the comfort of their homes.


Dining Benefits

Let your customers make delectable memories with an exceptional dining experience exclusively with Thriwe.


Health Benefits

Reward your customers with health benefits like Online Doctor consultation, Lab test, Health Insurance and many more

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Discover what sets us apart at Thriwe. With a data-driven approach, a team of experts across diverse industries, and a commitment to transparency, we're here to redefine your experience. Plus, our round-the-clock customer support ensures your needs are met anytime, anywhere.

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Data Driven Approach

We leverage vast data points to understand current usage patterns and anticipate future trends, ensuring your business stays not only current but ahead of the curve, captivating your clients and stakeholders.

Our Transparency Policy

Experience a new era of transparency with our commitment to openness. Our transparency policy extends beyond words, offering meaningful data visualizations that empower you with insights.

Our Expertise

Meet our dream team – a collective force of motivated professionals excelling across diverse industrial sectors. Their expertise forms the backbone of our loyalty solutions, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns seamlessly with your unique business requirements.

24/7 Customer Support

Be it any query regarding our services or just an introduction call, your phone will always be answered by our customer support executives at any given time of the day.

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Frequently Asked Question

A loyalty solution is a program designed to reward and retain customers. It benefits businesses by fostering customer loyalty, increasing repeat purchases, and enhancing brand engagement. It's a powerful tool to build lasting relationships with your customer base.

Loyalty programs typically offer rewards such as discounts, points, exclusive offers, or redeemable gifts. Tailor your rewards to align with your customers' preferences and buying behavior, ensuring they find value in participating and remain engaged with your brand.

Loyalty programs are adaptable and beneficial across diverse industries and business sizes. Many successful implementations exist in various sectors. Customization is key, ensuring the program aligns with your industry dynamics and caters to the unique needs and expectations of your customer base.

An employee reward and recognition program can foster a positive work environment, boosting morale and motivation. Engaged and motivated employees tend to be more productive and innovative, leading to improved overall performance. Additionally, such programs enhance employee retention, attracting top talent and contributing to the company's long-term success and growth.

Implementing an employee reward and recognition program involves defining clear criteria for recognition, choosing meaningful rewards, and communicating the program to your team. Tailor the program to align with your company culture, fostering a positive work environment and motivating employees to excel.